Midwest Horse Fair
Madison, Wisconsin
April 11-13, 2014
Scarborough Renaissance
Waxahachie, Texas
April 19 - May 26, 2014
Weekends and Labor Day
Don't just ride, ride higher.
How Romulus became the world's biggest jackass A little boredom can go a long way. On a bitterly cold afternoon at the 2012 Texas State Fair, Cara Barker Yellott found herself with some down time while serving as an announcer at the Donkey and Mule Show. Feeling slightly envious of the competitors﷯ and their beautiful long-eared equines, Cara pulled out the ol' smart phone and decided to kill some time looking at donkeys on craigslist with the vague idea of maybe getting one to guard her new goats from coyotes. She and her husband, Phil, had just rented a small farm south of Dallas and populated it with exactly two young Angora goats. What she found instead was an advertisement that she found she simply could not ignore. It featured photos of two Mammoth donkeys, purported to be 16 hands tall (A hand is the common measurement used for all equines. It translates to 4 inches). Cara knew that it was so common as to be ubiquitous for sellers to exaggerate the height of large-breed animals and she was convinced that they were probably much smaller in person. Although she considered the idea of the donkeys being 16 hands to be ludicrous, the two were still obviously quite large and would clearly be overkill for one pair of goats. Yet she found that after the fair she couldn't get the images of the two donkeys out of her head. Like so many of Texas' equines that year, the brothers were severely underweight and the photos were heartbreaking. The state was several years into a drought and suffering from wildfires that ravaged grazing land and made hay both expensive and difficult to come by. Their owner found himself, like so many others in Texas, in a position of being unable to feed his livestock and so chose to put them up for sale. Cara's thoughts kept returning to the two donkeys after the fair. She had shown the photos to Phil and, after much discussion, it was finally agreed that they should rescue the donkeys. (In truth, Phil was no more capable of ignoring an animal in need than was his wife). ﷯ Arrangements were made, and the pair was to be delivered sight-unseen to the Yellott's house on the day before Cara's birthday. That's when things got interesting. The open-slatted trailer was scarcely in the driveway before cars started pulling over on the side of the road and drivers were getting out and taking pictures. As Cara suspected, the advertisement was inaccurate. Romulus and Remus weren't 16 hands high – they were bigger! The donkeys were shuttled off to the back of the property where they wouldn't cause traffic accidents and an authority on donkeys and mules was called in to give her opinion on how best to return them to good health. During that visit, she pointed out to the Yellott's that the current Guinness World Record holder was probably shorter than their boys. While Cara found that thought mildly interesting but didn't really take it seriously, Phil was delighted and decided to take the idea and run with it. He contacted Guinness in London and arranged to have an official measurement taken. In front of a large crowd of the press, a liscensed veterinarian found Romulus, the taller of the pair, to be 17 hands high, blowing away the previous record by a full five inches:


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Now, healthy and strong again, Romulus and Remus travel the country with the Yellotts, appearing at fairs and expos, and serving as ambassadors for under-appreciated donkeys and mules everywhere.